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Take Advantage of the Explosive Growth in Voice over IP through Comtech Partners Limited VoIP Net.

The Internet economy, through the use of advanced IPbased solutions, has transformed the way companies communicate. For example, telecom industry analysts IDC predict that, 152 billion minutes of voice traffic will be carried as Voice over IP traffic. Comtech Partners Limited is positioned to let you take advantage of this explosive growth in new technologies - in this instance, Voice over IP. This technology makes it possible for your customers to send toll-quality voice traffic over anynetwork.

With Comtech Partners Limited's IP Interconnect and Peering Arrangement, you have access to a key commercial enabler that allows you to:

・ Enter the IP marketplace quickly and easily
・ Participate in new and exciting revenue opportunities
・ Add voice as a service extension and compete with existing telephone companies
・ Access Comtech Partners Limited's global PSTN and VOIP network for global Inter-connection
・ Eliminate costly bilateral agreements because you have only one agreement: the Comtech Partners Limited IP Interconnect and Peering Service
・ Lower costs and accelerate time to market
・ Take advantage of the lower capital and operating cost structures of IP telephony
・ Tap incremental profit margins and excess capacity available during off-peak time

Comtech Partners Limited IP Interconnect and Peering Arrangement services include:

· Integration of Global PSTN and VOIP network for enhanced quality of service, backup and diversity.
· Facilitated payment
· Secure exchange of VOIP traffic
· Access to ISPs to new markets
· Elimination of costly bilateral agreements

Best of all, you can quickly and easily add Comtech Partners Limited IP Interconnect and Peering Arrangement services to your network to enter the VOIP commercial marketplace right away.

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